Herman Melville

A Manhattan lawyer hires Bartleby, a sad-looking clerk, who proves highly competent. However, he soon begins refusing to work, growing more depressed and perplexing the lawyer, who attempts to solve this puzzle of a man. When Bartleby begins living on the premises, the lawyer moves offices rather than evict him. Later, Bartleby is imprisoned and rapidly declines, leaving the lawyer to confront the unanswerable: why?

HERMAN MELVILLE (1819–91), was born in New York. As a young man, he crewed aboard whaling ships, and became a best-selling author of adventure novels based on his journeys. As he matured as a writer, however, his readership dwindled. He later took up a post as a customs agent, which he held for the remainder of his life. His reappraisal as one the greatest American writers began approximately twenty-five years after his death.

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